Internet Filter for Business

Protect your guest WiFi users against cyber threats and inappropriate content on the internet

Wondering how to block Facebook and secure your data? Want to restrict Internet access to certain sites at the workplace?

With Cloud4You you get more than just a brilliant Internet filter.

Control and protect your business from online threats

Using Cloud4You

DNS web filtering

Cloud4You detects both HTTP and HTTPS malicious websites and blocks them even before you receive the first byte.

Category-based filtering

Decide what type of content to block or allow on your network. Cloud4You provides 61 categories to choose from.

DNS web filtering

Cloud4You uses 110 million sites, distributed in 61 content categories, providing an exceptionally accurate results.

Malware- & phishing-free internet

Use Cloud4You's features to protect your office network from cyber threats, such as phishing and data theft.

Easy setup and use

Start internet filtering within minutes - no need for any additional hardware or software. Redirect DNS queries from your corporate network to Cloud4You filtering servers and set your filtering rules.

Service Dashboard

Use Service Dashboard to create filtering policies, manage and fine-tune filtering settings as you see fit. Assign policies to individual staff members, groups, or network-wide.

Filtering customization

Intelligent white- or black-listing, category-based filtering, ad blocker - all is available to you and more! Personalize your block pages to let your staff know why a site is blocked and whom to contact for unblocking it.


Assign websites into one of the available 61 categories, e.g. news, social media, adult websites, gambling etc. Allow or restrict access to the whole category without going site by site.

Internet usage stats

Check detailed filtering stats and reports to keep an eye on the online activity of your staff and adjust the filter on the go.

Start filtering content right away

New clients – 15 days of free service

Cloud4You SafeBrowsing in numbers


sites in the database


of content, categorized by subject


cyber threats blocked daily

Awesome value service, I have started using Cloud4You as one of the layers of internet security in my organisation, and its amazingly easy to use

Christian Pilling

Protect your business with Cloud4You

New clients – 15 days of free service

Web Filtering for Enterprises

Protect all your offices, networks and locations against cyber threats and unproductive activity online

We offer special protection for large corporations and enterprises

Our content filtering can be used to protect your whole network on a DNS level or we can protect roaming clients using our SafeBrowsing Agent.

Protect your business with Cloud4You

New clients – 15 days of free service

More facts about Cloud4You

As one of the world’s fastest DNS filtering services, Cloud4You guarantees no latency in resolving DNS queries.

By constantly enhancing and testing our product with modern tools, Cloud4You guarantees no overblocking issues.

If you decide to discontinue your Cloud4You subscription, you will get your money back for the remaining subscription period. We care about our clients as much as we care about quality.

Our price is calculated based on the size of your company or office, talk to us for a quote


According to multiple research studies, about 58% of employees spend more than 4 hours per week on non-work related websites, and 26% spend even more time surfing the web – over 7 hours per week. This will result in the equivalent of 26 days per year.
Assuming that the median annual salary in the US is $45,812, companies without the internet filter are likely paying their employees more than $4,500 per year to slack off on the web.

Improve cyber security for your company and staff by blocking malicious sites;

Safeguard your business’s reputation and employees’ personal information by filtering out phishing sites;

Increase productivity by alloving staff to access relevant content only;

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